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January 21, 2022 Review (2022)

Let’s start this Review by revealing what the company says about itself. bills itself as:

“One VPN provider all developers love!” is a cloud-based VPN provider headquartered in the USA. However, they have servers based all around the world. are continually acquiring additional servers, with their most recent haul including adding servers to locations from Japan to Australia and everything in between. Thus, offering superb access to IP address’ that will provide security and overcome geo-restrictions. Read on for my Review.

At first glance, they certainly do look good. offers a full 7-day money back guarantee and unlimited traffic.


Let’s take a peek under the hood and explore in more detail in my Review.

Uncapped Features doesn’t restrict any of their features. They offer enterprise-grade security & availability with all packages. They also offer unlimited bandwidth, top speed for P2P and torrenting – they say themselves that their service has “zero limitations”.

This lack of limitations is something that developers love – it gives them a chance to let loose on a server and do anything they want. So the lack of restrictions that places on their plans might be one of the top reasons that developers love them. Additionally, they offer instant setup so that you can get started with them straight away.

What are the costs involved? is priced competitively. You can order a personal VPN with a dedicated IP and secured connection for just $2.49. Unlike other VPN providers, this price is applicable if you buy just one year upfront to get a low price. If you opt to pay monthly you pay just 50 cents more.

Clients for Every OS

When ordering a VPN package from you will receive a FREE Mobile/ PC or Mac optimized app. Their service is fully managed and utilizes some of the best tech on the market. Furthermore, you can select the country of the IP that you want to appear in from a wide range of locations throughout the USA, Europe, India, Japan, Australia and beyond. You can even get SSH access to your dedicated VPN.

Top of our list of great features provided by would be their “Open Port” feature. You will not find many VPNs that offer this level of control. Their technical support team is great and will happily help you through this and any process that you might require.


Blazingly Fast in More Ways than One

Almost all VPN providers tout themselves as responsive and super-fast. But how true is this when put to the test?

We found very responsive to our requirements. Whether sending a customer support request or uploading/ downloading were both friendly and helpful.  When using some VPNs we find that you can end up getting frustrated beyond belief., on the other hand, has fantastic upload speeds that don’t slow down or cut out. They are also quick and friendly to respond to customer queries.

If you have questions or run into trouble, you can get in touch with in a number of different ways: phone, email, help desk or online chat.

We Love the Static IPs that MyIP Provide!

Possibly the best reason to use MyIP would be the fact that they offer static IPs. Meaning you can have your very own IP address in almost any location of your choice throughout the globe. This feature would be useful for programmers or freelancers who are on the go and have no fixed address.

In this scenario, they can consistently use the internet via their own dedicated IP address in a static location – offering a robust solution to many problems including security and continuity.

Elegante promenade in Livorno, Tuscany, Italy.

Often a static IP is required for programmers. For instance to develop games via the Playstation Development Kit or gain access to the root server an approved static IP address is required. With your static IP can be whitelisted on a company’s firewall allowing access to all your private content via a secured VPN connection.


Most VPN providers only offer DYNAMIC IP addresses. Sounds glamorous – right?

It just means that they rotate their IP addresses and normally don’t offer a static IP address. Sure, some VPNs offer static IP addresses. However, comes out top with their extreme value for money. There is no extra cost for your static IP – you can choose exactly where in the world it is located. Allowing you to appear as though you are operating out of a physical location in that country and giving you access to the internet directly through your static IP.

You can, therefore, surf the web as a person located in that area – and enjoy seeing the internet from that perspective. With different geo-restrictions, prices, rules and none of the digital footprint associated with your actual persona. Packages & Benefits

Below in my Review, I will go over the 3 packages offered by in some more detail. The three packages that they offer all come with a client portal to manage your account. They are all fully managed and allow unlimited traffic – even their starter “Personal” plan! Below is an overview of the VPN packages offered by

  • PERSONAL VPN – Unlimited traffic, Managed solution, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and Free Mobile/PC/Mac client
  • DEDICATED VPN – Unlimited traffic, Managed solution, Dedicated IP4/IPV6 IP, Shell for SSH access, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and Free Mobile/PC/Mac client
  • BUSINESS VPN – Unlimited traffic, Full Managed VPN, Dedicated Technical Team, 24/7 support, Cloud Integration, Personalized Solution and Integration with AD/LDAP

The Business VPN

With the Business VPN plan from you can connect up to 50 devices, or what VPN’s call “Simultaneous connections”. This should be enough for most small to medium sized teams.  All of these connections can be managed via a master control panel. This solution is extremely cost effective at just $29.99 per month! will even create a custom “Master Deck” for you that is tailored to your project’s individual needs. The cost of creating a tailored Management Area is not displayed. I expect because it can vary depending on your requirements. So if you want to find out more you will need to get in touch with directly. VPN Personal Plan

Even the personal plan from offers a dedicated IP address and the price is super low – at just $2.49 per month on the annual plan. Some of the cheapest feature-rich VPN plans that we have seen. Offering enormous value for money.

Security with

Although is very cost effective they offer a high level of security and stability. They offer 128bit –AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Some people argue that 128bit –AES  is as much as any normal person would need. However, I would argue that going for next gen 256bit –AES, as used by the government to protect the transfer of sensitive data, would be optimal. So far that is the only thing that we found to lack.

On the whole, has invested in the best tech available.  Such as OpenVPN and protocols like – SSTP, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, and SSTP. They also have a zero logs policy so you know they are not logging your data. Being in the USA they will have to log some information that could identify you – so just bear this in mind if you are looking for total anonymity.

All in All: Review lives up to its slogan – they offer some really neat features for programmers. Putting them firmly in the driving seat by giving them full control. The static IP that they provide is invaluable for a developer. Without it – many projects could not even happen. Many home or business routers are assigned a dynamic IP address that changes every time you restart your router. This means that programmers/ developers need to use a VPN  to complete several of their actions.

On the whole, the value for money for what you are getting from is outstanding! With many features that you will not find anywhere else – is an amazing VPN provider for developers who want the security of a VPN, the flexibility of root access and a static IP in any location they choose. I hope this Review has helped you!