Fastest VPNs in 2022?

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Jack Foster

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January 21, 2022

One thing to look for when searching for a super-fast VPN provider is the number of servers they have. Additionally, the locations of the servers are also important, helping to improve overall performance.

A lower quality or cheap VPN can slow down your internet connection, which is obviously not the effect that we are looking for. There is no point in enhancing your security and privacy while compromising on speed.

Speed becomes even more important for those of you who want to stream from sites like Netflix, torrent or unblock censored sites.

Therefore we have taken time to put together our take on the fastest VPN providers currently available. 


Best VPN For Blazing Fast Speed

Best VPN For Trial & Refund Guarantee

also great

Best VPN For Affordability

Best VPN For Features

Best VPN For Updates

ExpressVPN Pros:

ExpressVPN Cons:

#1 | ExpressVPN – Fastest Overall VPN

ExpressVPN offers blazingly fast, unlimited bandwidth and are one of the leading VPN providers in the world today.  With Express VPN ultrafast VPN servers you get unrestricted access to stream Netflix and Hulu in HD. They allow you to several simultaneous connections so you can use their servers via all of your devices.

Additionally, they have thousands of servers across over 100+ worldwide locations, further enhancing speed.


Their simple, easy to use website and app user interface make accessing, downloading and getting started with ExpressVPN a breeze.  Their dedicated mobile app is also optimized for whatever device you use (Android or iOS),  and will automatically connect you to the fastest available server. When you find a server that works well for you and delivers the speed, services, and privacy that you require, you can save this server inside the app.

ExpressVPN offers “unlimited bandwidth” and stick by their word on the delivery. The offer load balancing, by spreading the resources requested over many servers. The app also finds you the closest and fastest VPN for P2P and torrenting.

ExpressVPN Pricing

Exclusive offer: Save 49% & try ExpressVPN 100% risk-free!

ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a free trial, however, they do provide a 30-day money back guarantee.  Their pricing is done on a monthly basis and reduces depending on how long you sign up for. Here are their three packages.

  • 1 month $12.95 (for the month)
  • 15 months normally $12.95 now just $6.67 per month
  • 6 months $9.99 per month

Does ExpressVPN sound right for you?

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Surfshark Pros:

Surfshark Cons:

#2 | Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the newer VPNs on the market today, but it has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. 

You can look at the table below to get a better understanding of the sort of speeds that Surfshark can provide:

Surfshark operates on the latest hardware, and this makes a big difference. Surfshark uses servers that are quick and optimized for security and speed. 

All of the servers at Surfshark have a minimum of 1GPS port connected, ensuring that the physical connection is able to handle huge amounts of traffic. Some even go up to 2x10Gbps for each server. With more than 3,500 servers to select from, you don’t have to worry about congestion either.

Does Surfshark sound right for you?

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Hotspot Shield Pros:

Hotspot Shield Cons:

#2 | Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Sheild offers lightning-fast performance and unlimited bandwidth for users who want to surf the web anonymously. With over 2500+ servers located all around the globe, Hotspot Shield is a premier VPN provider and one of the fastest around. Hotspot Shield Elite is super fast, however, their free version can be a bit slower. So if you are looking to take advantage of their large number of international servers, you will need to opt for their paid “Elite” solution.

The sheer number of servers and global locations offered by Hotspot Shield ensure that you will be getting some of the fastest internet speeds around. This will obviously also depend on your own ISP speed. Hotspot Shield saves their fastest premium servers for their paid members.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is a more expensive VPN provider. They have 3 plans on offer, the cheapest of the 3 being the longest commitment, as per the industry standard. However, even when signing up for 2 years the price is not as cheap as some other providers.

  • 1 Month Plan $16.40
  • 1 Year Plan $7.56
  • 2 Years Plan $3.77

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CyberGhost Pros:

CyberGhost Cons:

#3 | CyberGhost

If you are looking for a features rich, easy to use VPN, look no further than CyberGhost. You can quickly install and get started with CyberGhost within a few clicks. Once you have installed their service it is a simple one-click connect to you devices/s. They allow you to install their VPN service on up to 7 devices.  Additionally, you will be automatically connected to the closes and fastest server.

As with all of the best VPN providers, CyberGhost offer unlimited bandwidth and no speed restrictions. Additionally, they have more servers than most other VPN providers – they boast 3000 servers.  Because of the vast number of servers, you can surf the web with their VPN worldwide with no speed restrictions.

CyberGhost Pricing

CyberGhost offers some cost-effective pricing plans. We like their super cheap offer, where you get 18 months for just $2.75. Making them the cheapest commercial Kodi VPN reviewed here. Below I have outlined their three subscription packages:

  • 1 month  $11.99/mo
  • 6 months $4.99
  • 18 months (6 months free)$2.75

Does CyberGhost sound right for you?

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SaferVPN Pros:

SaferVPN Cons:

#4 | SaferVPN

SaferVPN is a relatively new VPN provider founded in 2013 in Israel. Although new, they are hot on the tail of the leading VPN providers by offering continual updates and features to their product, this includes some brand new apps. As with all of the best VPN providers SaferVPN offer a one-click interface and super fast connection speeds.

With 2000+ servers over 30+ countries all around the world, SaferVPN is rapidly becoming a leading player in the VPN world.  Their latency results are second to none, which is great for users who want to stream content. SaferVPN also offers Netflix unblocking and streaming services.  One neat feature offered by SaferVPN is that you can quickly access their service with a handy free chrome extension.

SaferVPN Prices

SaferVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and are currently offering some great deals on their VPN plans. The only thing I would say about their pricing is that they don’t offer anything shorter than 1 year, in saying that their pricing is super cheap too. Here are their packages:

  • 1 Year – $4.99
  • 2 Years – $2.99
  • 3 Years – $2.29

Does SaferVPN sound right for you?

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PureVPN Pros:

PureVPN Cons:

#5 | PureVPN

PureVPN is a VPN provider based in Hong Kong that has been around for the past decade. Their VPN’s offer some of the fastest download speeds around. Additionally, their users benefit from unlimited bandwidth. PureVPN has 750 servers located around the world.

Certainly, a key feature of the PureVPN service is that they use “split tunneling”. This helps to reduce bottlenecks and balances out resources, thus making their service faster. PureVPN owns their own servers so that they can provide a robust service. They have a professional team on hand 24/7 to ensure a 99.9% uptime. Additionally, they offer unlimited bandwidth and no speed restrictions.

PureVPN Prices

PureVPN offer a great 31-Day money back guarantee and some competitive prices. Below I have noted their 3 available packages:

  • $10.95 – 1 Month plan
  • $8.95 – 3 Month plan
  • $2.95 – 1 Year plan

Does PureVPN sound right for you?

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PrivateVPN Pros:

PrivateVPN Cons:

#6 | PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is based in Sweden and was founded in 2009. They offer fast streaming that allows unblocking censored sites such as Netflix. PrivateVPN is ideal for gamers who want to set up a private gaming network, or for those who are looking to torrent anonymously.

They have a comparatively lower amount of servers that others with just 80 servers in 56 worldwide locations. However, this fact does not stop PrivateVPN from offering some high powered VPN services. They have also designed their service so that speed is not throttled by your ISP.

The servers that PrivateVPN has are super fast and have reliable uptime. They are continually adding new servers, so I am sure that their service will only get better and faster as the month’s pass. As with all of the top VPN providers PrivateVPN offer unlimited bandwidth and a 99.9% uptime. Their service is particularly good for torrenting.

PrivateVPN Pricing

PrivateVPN has one of the most cost-effective month-on-month deal at just $5.48. They offer a generous 30-day money back guarantee and a free 7-day trial. Below I have written their 3 packages

  • 1 Month – $5.48 p/m
  • 3 Months – $3.75 p/m (billed every 3 months)
  • 36 Months – $2 p/m (billed annually)

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IPVanish Pros:

IPVanish Cons:

#7 | IPVanish

IPVanish has a decent number of servers and locations (over 1100+ servers over 60+ locations). They bill themselves as “The World’s Fastest VPN”. The performance is great, especially when it comes to download speeds.

IPVanish allows you to unblock and stream Netflix with ease. They support HD streaming and help you get around ISP throttling. This is especially important when watching live sporting events online. Their network is custom built so that they can offer the best balance of reliability, security, and speed.

IPVanish Pricing

In line with other VPN providers, the most affordable option is the 1 year plan. However their monthly subscription package is reasonable for those who don’t want to commit to the long term..

  • 1 Month Package – $10.00
  • 1 Year Package – $6.49 p/m
  • 3 Months Pacakge $8.99 p/m

Does IPVanish sound right for you?

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