16 Best Free Streaming Websites for TV Shows & Movies (2022)

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Jack Foster

last updated

January 21, 2022

Often when I think I’ve found a great free streaming site it disappears overnight. But worry not, there are still some longstanding reliable free streaming sites out there. When using such sites, though, I always recommend running a VPN for performance and security. NordVPN has shown itself to be compatible with every streaming service I have tried so far, making it a worthy choice for those who are yet to have purchased a VPN.

Bookmark this page to quickly access the best free streaming sites of 2022.

A lot of sites that we visited had a lot of spam advertisements that came up. This is quite disconcerting, so we’ve made sure to leave those sites out of this list. There are a few big players in the list that offer free trials or better still, some free movies to watch. Whether you are looking to binge-watch a series or browse anime or cartoons, there will be a site to fill your needs.

In this article, I’ve collated the best of the best when it comes to free online streaming. So sit back and decide which free site fits your needs today.

#1 | YouTube

Did you know that YouTube offers free online movies? New movies are added continually and are supported by adverts. Which is a small price to pay for streaming a movie, right? You can actually watch quite a few movies directly from Youtube, click here to browse YouTube’s  “free to watch” movies.


You can watch original full-length movies directly on youtube for free, which is awesome, as their platform is the best movie streaming platform in the world.To find free movies on Youtube you can visit the link above, search by publisher or filter by movies or long videos.

#2 | WatchSeries

The aptly named “WatchSeries” is unsurprisingly focused on allowing users to watch a TV series. They don’t have movies, just TV shows that you can watch online. We love the fact that you can stream movies directly from your phone with WatchSeries. The only downside is that they don’t support HD. WatchSeries say they are:

Your one-stop for binge-watching TV series online for free

MyWatchSeries allows you to browse the latest TV series and find your favorite shows so that you can stream online. They keep their site up to date with the latest episodes, all 100% free. You can also browse and bookmark your favorite shows via genre, such as – horror, action, drama, and comedy.

#3 | MovieNinja

MovieNinja is a great option if you’re looking to stream both TV shows and Movies via your smartphone or PC. With MovieNinja you can also stream movies in HD. MovieNinja has recently invested in new servers to enhance your viewing experience.

With MovieNinja you can browse the latest movies and TV series as well as the top-rated shows on their platform. Additionally, you can bookmark and browse shows by genres, such as Thriller, History, Drama or Comedy. MovieNinja is a well maintained free streaming website.

#4 | 2Movies

TwoMovies (2Movies) is described as a “social movie network”. Their motto is “Connecting movies and people”. 2Movies currently has a database of over 60,000 Movies and 8,500 TV Series. Inside 2Movies, members can share information on streaming sites that host movies.

There has also been a Kodi add-on created that works with 2Movies. Unfortunately, 2Movies doesn’t work on the smartphone and also doesn’t have HD content. However, it is a well-respected and maintained free movie and TV site. Actively used by members to share popular and new movies and shows.

#5 | F Movies

F Movies is a Russian website that allows you to watch movies online without any advertisements. You can also use F Movies to stream directly on your smartphone. However, they don’t currently support HD streaming. F Movies offers both TV Shows and movies.

With F Movies you can also browse movies by country, genre, A-Z or most watched. There are hundreds of shows to search through in a clean, attractive user interface.

#6 | Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is a great free streaming service that works all over the world. You can use it to watch both TV shows and movies in HD. Additionally, they support streaming directly to your smartphone. Yes! Movies is really easy to navigate and the episodes are easy to access. You can browse movies by genre, country or by TV series or Movie type.

#7 | Amazon Prime (30-Day FREE Trial)

If you’re looking for a reliable platform to stream tv and episodes regularly then why not try Amazon Prime? It’s not strictly free, but they do have a 30-day free trial that you can sign up for to see if you like it. Amazon Prime is a great platform to stream and watch movies in HD without being interrupted by annoying adverts.

#8 | ololo

ololo is just one year young and described as a “video streaming link search engine”. You can use ololo to find free links to the newest movies and TV shows. They way that ololo works is similar to a lot of the streaming websites – by crawling the web for new streaming links. ololo is not strictly a streaming website, but it does go to extra lengths to gather the most up to date streaming links from the whole internet.

#9 | KIMCartoon

If watching cartoons is more your thing, then KIMCartoon is the place to go to watch high-quality cartoons online. Bear in mind they do use adverts to fund the site (as it asked me to turn my adblocker off). However, their site has a great range of cartoons. Unfortunately, you can’t stream directly on to your smartphone, but you can view the cartoons in HD via your PC.

#10 | YMovies

YMovies has a more traditional website appearance that might appeal to some. You can browse movies on YMovies, create an account and browse via genre and countries. With YMovies you can stream directly to your smartphone in HD, which is a nice touch.

#11 | Afdah

If you’re looking for a place to stream movies without having to register for an account then Afdah could be the best option. They have a clean and easy-to-use website. Afdah collates links from across the internet by crawling and indexing online movie sites. The movies can be streamed via Chrome or Firefox, but they do say that IE and Safari are not fully tested.


Like a lot of these free sites, they often request that you use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to stream the content. With Afdah, some of their servers don’t require flash and you can stream via your iPhone or iPad. You can choose what server you want to stream from, depending on your requirements. For example, Afdah server #1 works with PS3.

#12 | Netflix (1-Month FREE Trial)

Netflix is hands down – THE BIGGEST online streaming platform in the world. Sure, they are not strictly a “FREE” online streaming site, but they do offer a pretty nice no obligation free trial. You can take the trial out on any of their 3 services, basic, standard or premium.

With 139 million global subscribers, HD streaming (on their standard and premium offerings) and an interface that is so simple a toddler can use it, it’s well worth a look.  The higher paid options basically give you more devices that you can stream on simultaneously and Ultra HD. Netflix allows you to stream from any device and you can watch unlimited films and TV shows.

#13 | Vumoo

Another movie index site that hosts third-party content on their servers is Vumoo. Their user interface is really clean and easy to use, which is nice. You can search for a particular title, or browse their catalogs via genre. The site is well maintained and they keep up to date with new episodes.

#14 | Sockshare

Sockshare is a bright streaming site where you can quickly access new releases and cinema movies as well as TV series. I like the fact that they have an Anime button on their main menu. The Sockshare strapline is:

Your Never Ending Free Online Movies

I had expected an infinite scroll of movies on their site to match their motto, but not yet. Again they are an indexing site and host links to other sites that have free movies on there.

#15 | DailyMotion

DailyMotion is a video social network, a bit like YouTube where you can share videos directly on their site. The content is very diverse and you’ll find both recorded and live/ on-demand sports competitions, music festivals, comedy skits, political debates, fashion shows, gaming live-streams and more.  With 300 million users from around the world, and 3.5 billion video views per month. DailyMotion is a great place to view free movies and content.

#16 | MySpace

If you are looking for unique content, music, videos or trailers to keep you up to date with new releases the MySpace is still on the go. A social networking site that is predominantly focused on music and entertainment.

Myspace has been around since 2003 and has had a new design that makes the content really easy to navigate. You will need to sign up to use the full functionality of the site. Not the place to go to binge watch series or movies, but still a great video platform.

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