VPN Geeks – About Us

written by

Jack Foster

last updated

January 23, 2022


My name is Jack Foster and I am the ‘voice’ behind VPN Geeks. VPN Geeks was designed to highlight the best VPN services available.

“My ambition was to create a one-stop-shop for all your VPN needs, with my expertise and experience in security and privacy.” 

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Why VPN Geeks?

When I was first introduced to VPNs, it was clear that there was a sweeping statement that VPNs were used to access restricted websites. There was limited information available and I felt the reviews and comparisons of VPN services were bias. This is why I vowed to make VPN Geeks different.

I quickly came to realise that VPNs had a much greater purpose than simply accessing websites. Let me ask you this… how many times have you gone to your local coffee shop and connected to the public WiFi? Lots, I reckon! Did you know that when you connect to a public hotspot, your information, data, browsing etc is not protected?

VPNs are designed to protect your privacy. You can access the internet safely by routing your connection through a server which will mask your online activity. When you launch your VPN, your data is already being encrypted, even before you’ve accessed the internet. Your VPN server secures your connection so your IP address and location cannot be distinguished.

Protecting your identity online is more important than ever. VPN Geeks helps you to do this.

So, I hope my continuous research here at VPN Geeks, backed up by my own knowledge and experience, will arm you with enough information to choose the best VPN services.