Best VPNs For Firefox (2023)

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December 18, 2023

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David Morelo

Mozilla Firefox blocks malware, pop-ups and cyber threats and is made more secure with various browser extensions. So unsurprisingly Firefox is more popular with security conscious internet users. Just 5% of people use Firefox compared to 62% of people using Chrome as their browser.

We’ve reviewed and researched the best VPNs for Mozilla Firefox that are suited for both apps and desktop versions, meaning you can unblock content video content and increase your privacy online.


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Best VPN For Streaming

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Best VPN For Unlimited Devices

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What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is used to customize your browsing experience. In the case of a VPN browser extension, this sort of browser extension will encrypt your activity on that particular browser. A browser extension sits neatly in your toolbar. You can normally select what servers that you want to use and others directly from the browser extension.

A VPN browser extension is a great idea when you simply want to secure your activity on your browser, and not your whole machine. This is because a browser extension will use up less data and free up your device’s resources.

There are around 6000 browser extensions available for Firefox, so knowing what ones to choose can be confusing. In this article, we’ll review six of the very best VPNs available as Mozilla Firefox browser extensions.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is a massive player in the VPN space with 5243 servers across 60 countries. Their servers are obfuscated, offering a further level of protection. One great thing that we love about NordVPN is that they can seamlessly unblock Netflix, which is becoming a rarity. They also have lightening-fast speed and you can connect up to 6 devices, which is pretty decent. They also offer a free trial and money back guarantee.


The NordVPN Mozilla Firefox extension is lightweight and really easy to install. They also have a built-in ad blocker, which is great.

NordVPN Packages & Pricing

Save 75% with their 3-year plan. You can also pay with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. If you are unsure, you can start with their generous 7-day free trial. Here are the prices of subscriptions to NordVPN:

  • 1 Month – $11.95
  • 1 Year – $6.99
  • 2 year Plan $3.99
  • 3 Year Plan $2.99

Make your VPN selection by looking at how you are going to use your VPN. For example, if you are going to be using your VPN to torrent or use P2P then you’ll want a VPN with fast and secure download speed. In all instances, you’ll probably want to bypass censorship or geo-restricted content laws.

Your Firefox browser extension should be lightweight and easy to use and also offer maximum protection when surfing the web. Money back guarantees and a free trial are other factors that we have considered in making our shortlist.

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2. Surfshark

The second VPN I recommend for use with Firefox is Surfshark. Surfshark have a browser extension that you can use. You can expect excellent throttle-free streaming and secure browsing.


If you often stream a lot on Firefox, you can be sure of a great experience. Surfshark makes it possible to access a huge assortment of geo-blocked websites.

Surfshark is also an excellent platform in terms of security. You can expect high-level encryption, as well as extended privacy protection. This includes the use of WebRTC, which is the technology used to enable video chats on the web, which won’t leak your data either.

It is really easy to use Surfshark on Firefox. Simply sign-up, download the VPN add on, log on, and you’re good to go.

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Surfshark Pros:

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3. ExpressVPN

With 3000 servers across 160 locations around the world and arguably the best security out there, ExpressVPN is again one of the top picks of VPN. The ExpressVPN Firefox extension is very straight forward however you need to install the ExpressVPN app for the browser extension to function. When installed you can choose which server you want to use and check your VPN status.


Security wise, you get 256-bit encryption and a kill switch, which is great if you get cut off abruptly. ExpressVPN has a zero logs policy and is based outwith the 5 eyes jurisdiction, which affords you more data protection, as they are not obliged to share your data with anyone. However, they don’t gather any data, which is great. Additionally, you can pay with Bitcoin for added anonymity.

ExpressVPN Packages & Pricing

ExpressVPN offers decent 30-day money back guarantee, but no free trial. As usual the longer you pay for, the cheaper the subscription is. If you go for the 12-month plan you also get 3 months for free.

  • $12.95 per month – 1-month
  • $9.99 per month – 6-months (amounting to $59.95)
  • $6.67 per month – 12-months (included – 3 FREE months) – amounting to $99.95

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4. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has fewer server locations than ExpressVPN or NordVPN, with 2500 servers in 25 international locations. They allow you to install their app on 5 devices simultaneously with one subscription. The Firefox browser extension is easy to install (with one-click) and is 100% free. What is even better – you get unlimited bandwidth with their free Firefox add on.  Although their Firefox extension is free, it is not supported by advertisement revenue.


Hotspot Shield offers unlimited bandwidth and great download speeds. They also have a strict no-logging policy, which is awesome.  They use the standard military grade 256-bit encryption to secure your data transfer and protect it from prying eyes. You do get all of this for free, however, if you want to access more server locations and additional features then you can upgrade to their Elite package.

Hotspot Shield Packages & Prices

Hotspot Shield offers a 7-day free trial of their Elite package, which is reasonably priced if you sign up for a 2-year package.

  • $12.99 per month – 1-month
  • $8.99 per month – 6-months (amounting to $53.94)
  • $2.99 a month – 2-years (amounting to $71.76)

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5. ZenMate

ZenMate is German VPN company with servers in 30 locations around the world. ZenMate is a great option for newbies as it’s straight forward to install and really easy-to-use. They have created their app and UX so that complete beginners can use it with ease, including one-click connection and 360° Protection.


With the ZenMate free plan, you get access to four server locations, however, you can upgrade to access more. The speed is decent, nothing specular –  this does improve with their premium package. They don’t keep logs or track you, which is great news.

ZenMate Packages & Prices

ZenMate offers a great price if you want to try their premium service for just one month. As with other VPNs, they offer discounts when you buy a longer subscription.

  • $9.99 per month – 1-month
  • $8.49 per month – 6-months (amounting to $53.99)
  • $5.99 per month – 1-year (amounting to $71.99)

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ZenMate Pros:

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6. Windscribe

Windscribe is a Canadian VPN provider that has a smaller number of servers (approx. 540) in 100 global locations. One thing we really like about Windscribe is that they allow unlimited simultaneous connections. They offer a 100% FREE plan that gets you up to 10GB month. However, you’ll only get access to the full 10GB if you sign up with your email address.


We’d suggest going for a local server if you are looking for fast upload and download speeds, as it can take some time to access their overseas servers. This is reflected in slower download speeds when accessing servers at a great distance.

The Firefox browser extension offered by Windscribe is regularly updated and has some nice features. You can create secure links, switch connection modes and even remove social media buttons. Windscribe also blocks tracking and keeps no logs.

Windscribe Packages & Benefits

Upgrade to Windscribe Pro and you’ll get access to all of their servers, on as many devices as you want with unlimited bandwidth. Here are the options from Windscribe, as always you save if you subscribe longer.

  • Monthly package – $9.00 monthly
  • Yearly package $49 – $4.08 per month
  • Biennial package $89 – $3.70 per month

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Windscribe Pros:

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In Conclusion


If you are looking for a reliable VPN provider then we’d always suggest ExpressVPN and NordVPN, provided they suit your requirements. Hotspot Shield is fast and ZenMate is great for those just starting out as it’s super simple and straightforward.

All of the VPNs that we have listed have a great deal to offer and their Firefox extensions are lightweight. If you are looking for a totally free solution, then Windscribe is the best VPN Firefox browser extension by far.

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